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Increase your music's visibility by designating acoustic attributes to your songs and manage your catalogs to expose your musical works in a unique market place for music licensing..
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Find quality curated musical content for your audiovisual projects from talented musicians, producers and labels worldwide.
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It’s time to think inside the box
We want to make it simple

A user friendly licensing platform for music creators and content owners to help take a deeper step into the world of music licensing.

SuenaBox gives you the necessary tools to organise and classify your content, enhancing its discoverability whilst also keeping a firm eye on your potential revenue and musical rights.

A user friendly licensing platform to help find and match the perfect track with your project.

Find music by using our new features where new technology is a key factor in helping you find the right sound you are looking for, giving your project the final touch it needs to be one step ahead of the competition.

music analyse tool

Exclusive tagging system

Do you know how “Danceable” your music is? Or how “Acoustic” your track sounds? Select and assign these kind of acoustic attributes to your tracks by using our exclusive tagging system- increasing your discoverability and licensing opportunities!

music licensing songs

Sounds Like©, now it’s easy to match your desired track to a brief.

Need a replacement track? Try “Sounds Like”©- a unique tool built around Spotify’s engine where you can find similar sounding original tracks, covers and instrumentals. If you can’t find the right track, we can create it for you!

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